5 Pro Video Poker Tips

Video Poker is incredibly popular amongst players as it’s an easy game to master and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. With far fewer rules, the game mechanics are much easier to understand, making it one of the most popular casino games available at top-ranked casinos open to players across the globe.

Video Poker is best described as a hybrid of classic table Poker and slot games, but is far less skill-dependant than Poker and less reliant on luck than slots. If you’re keen on getting started with this thrilling online casino game, take a look at our top 5 pro Video Poker tips for success and sign up with a top-ranked online casino today.

1. Find Games with the Best Payouts

Much like online slots games, online Video Poker games also provide a paytable which will detail payout amounts for specific hands. The first step for success with Video Poker is finding a game that offers the highest payouts, as there are many varieties of Video Poker to choose from. When studying the paytable, the key is to look at the payout amounts for a Full House and Flush. The ideal online casino Video Poker game will pay out 9 times your wager for a Full House, and 6 times your wager for a Flush.

2. Learn Specific Video Poker Strategy

As there are many different varieties of Video Poker for players to choose from, it’s advisable that you learn as much as possible about which variety you select. The best option is full pay games, as there are plenty of low pay options available as well, but you won’t find as much success with these, as the payouts are significantly lower. Popular varieties of online Video Poker include Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, and Jacks or Better; which is the most popular online casino variety.

3. Play Max Coins at All Times

This may sound counter-intuitive as playing maximum coins is sure to eat away at your bankroll faster, however playing maximum coins is the only way to ensure that you get max returns on any winnings. Similar to slot games and paylines, online Video Poker will not pay out the maximum value unless max coins are played. You could be looking at a payout difference of 800-to-1 versus 250-to-1, which is a significant difference, especially considering the stakes at which you may be playing.

4. Practise Before Playing

One of the greatest advantages to playing Video Poker at a top-ranked casino is that you will be allowed Free Spins as practise before getting started with real money games. Of course you won’t be able to keep any winnings made on Free Spins, but this will provide invaluable experience to help you get to grips with the game mechanics before staking any of your bankroll.

5. Find the Best Online Casino

Fortunately players are not short of options for online casinos, many of which are top-ranked. When deciding upon an online casino, take a look at the range of games on offer, and ensure that there are a good number of Video Poker varieties to choose from. Make sure that you are satisfied with the banking options, and welcome bonuses should always be considered as well, as they can give you an extra boost!

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