Different Types of Poker Bonuses Explained

It has now become standard for online poker sites to offer players an array of different kinds of bonuses. Depending on the site you select, these will vary, as will their quality. Some poker sites offer bigger and better bonuses for deposits but do not provide returning players with good deals, while others ensure their packages are robust and cater for all kinds of players. 2 of the most frequently found bonuses are the Deposit and Frequent Player bonuses.

The Deposit Bonus for Poker Players

Deposit bonuses are the 1st type and most frequently found online poker offer. These deals are structured so that you earn extra cash when you deposit your own, with these ranging from CA$50 to more than CA$1 000. The Percentage Match offers that form a sub-group of this type also vary widely, from 10% right up to 200% or more.

Reload Bonuses for Returning Players

These are popular bonuses with returning players, since they offer you a reward for your loyalty. Although these are not as large, generally, as the 1st Deposit bonuses are, they come in handy when you need a few extra dollars to up the ante in a first-rate game.

VIP Reward Bonuses at Online Poker Sites

These are similar to Reload bonuses, and are structured to take advantage of frequent player points that you will earn as you play at Canadian mobile casinos. You will be able to redeem a variety of different items with these bonuses, from merchandise to trips overseas to cars to entry into pro-level poker tournaments around the world.

These bonuses also sometimes allow players who patronise the site on a regular basis access to additional poker rooms online, with these featuring better payoffs and tournaments as a reward. These bonuses are the site’s way of saying thank you, and will be outlined and accessible by means of the poker site’s VIP rewards programme.

No Deposit Bonuses for New Players

No Deposit bonuses are the poker room you have chosen giving you money with which to play the game without you having to risk any of your own. It allows you to try out the products and services of the poker site making the offer, and, while it is given freely and you will be able to use it in games for real money rewards, these sites generally require that you deposit and playthrough before you are able to cash out any winnings you have managed to make.

The various bonuses that poker sites make available to you work to the benefit of both the player and the site: you get something for free, they get the chance to show you the kind of first-rate entertainment they are able to offer. While there are restrictions and requirements in place in order to protect the site from unscrupulous players, these are generally very easy to meet, and will not negatively affect your online poker play in any way at all.

Browse the information we have available here to make you a better poker player overall and ensure that you are taking advantage of all of the benefits of online play!

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