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Games Featuring Film What Would You Like to Play Today

Video games, starting right from the era of arcade gaming and video gaming down to the modern apps based gaming, have appealed to the masses to the extent where they have been made into movies and people enjoy the movies as much as they enjoy the gaming phenomena.

Tron, released in 1982 is one of the popular movies that also saw the recent release of Tron legacy which had equally powerful graphics and impressive concept. Wargames in 1983 is another important movie that deserves a special mention. Like Tron, Wargames also features gaming situations where the protagonists end up hacking inside high security based supercomputers of the US military. This movie by John Badham's is the perfect example of what can happen when you find yourself in a virtualized situation.

The Superman movie series made into video games is another interesting era that deserves a special mention. Additionally, the modern day Spiderman games add to the enjoyment of the young aged gamers. Within the Indian genre of movies made into games Krishh 3, definitely scores a good rank with advanced graphics and loads of special features.

The two games that simply cannot be missed out are Resident Evil and the Underworld series. Both these games are the ideal stress blisters for the action game lovers, whether you bust some zombies or kill some vampires or werewolves, the excitement never ends.

These games from movies give you ample scope of enjoyment and keep you glued to the screen for hours to come. While talking of games made into movies Super Mario Bros and Mortal Combat shouldn't be missed out. The movie Hitman picked up from Codename 47 is one of the popular names known to majority action gamers and movie watchers.

Again Kane & Lynch taken from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a special favorite with the action gamers of different age groups.

You can learn more about the different games made into movies at Casino UK, about their features and specialties from different online accounts and even get these games from different platforms to enjoy action gaming to your heart's content. The modern gaming platforms allow a host of facilities to offer a rich experience for the gamers of different age groups.

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