Poker And Video Poker Differences

Playing poker online has become enormously popular in recent years. In fact, poker has never seen such levels of popularity, which is all thanks to the huge spike in popularity of online poker. But, there is more than one type of poker, and not all versions are played the same, or offer the same play experience.

Video poker, for example, is indeed extremely popular, but is not the same as playing a round of standard poker. Let’s discuss some of the major differences between online video poker, and standard five card stud poker. Note that Texas Hold’em is another variation of poker, played differently from both video poker, and five card stud poker.

Video Poker Rules

Video poker is strictly a one-player experience, and can be found in real world casinos at electronic consoles, and online casinos via digital applications, and at Canadian mobile casino sites too.. The core idea of video poker is to offer a fast paced, intuitive experience for those who enjoy poker, but are not looking to get involved in the more lengthily game that occurs with standard poker.

The player is dealt cards, as is standard in poker, and must decide which cards to keep, and which cards to throw away. In real world form, buttons are generally assigned beneath each card, and must be pressed in order to indicate that a card should be held. The remaining cards will be cast out, and new cards dealt.

The idea of video poker is to try and build the strongest hand possible. Payouts are made for hands that have a value above a certain level. In video poker a pair of jacks is normally the lowest hand that will trigger a payout. The higher the value of the hand, the higher the payout amount made. The strongest hands, such as a royal flush, will normally trigger a jackpot payout of a significant sum.

Five Card Stud Rules

Five card stud is played against other players, and can also be found at the majority of online casinos, under the multiplayer poker option. In five card stud the player is likewise dealt cards, and must decide which cards to hold, and which to cast out. However, in the multiplayer five card stud version, rounds of betting occur, in which players may choose to place a bet, and the other players given the option to match the bet, or fold from the game.

The most notable difference here is that video poker rounds are extremely quick, potentially taking less than a minute. Given that traditional five card stud may have a number of players in the game, and betting may go on for some time, each round can be a great deal longer. Also, of course, payouts are not given for a player simply having a hand of a certain value.


Both forms of poker are popular, but video poker cannot much the skill based, in-depth experience of classic five card stud. For those looking for a bit of quick, easy to understand fun, however, there is no beating the video poker experience. It is all a matter of preference.

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